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About Ingrid

Before you can inspire millions of people to change their lives, you have to be willing to change your own and Ingrid Macher is no stranger to change.

Originally born in Bogota, Colombia, Ingrid came to the United States in the pursuit of a better life. Nowadays, this mother of two and happily married woman, helps and motivates thousands of people around the globe to live a healthy happy life.

After many years of struggling with her weight problems, Ingrid finally came up with an easy, fun system that motivated her to change to a healthier and holistic lifestyle.

This transformation not only improved her appearance and her overall health, it also worked wonders for Ingrid’s energy levels and self-confidence.

She started to encourage her friends to do the same while she offered her guide and help.

After seeing similar results in her friends and coaching clients, Ingrid decided that was her true calling and she was determined to educate herself regarding fitness lifestyle and nutrition.

Ingrid studied in The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and got certified as a holistic health coach, got a certificate as a personal trainer in World Fitness Association. She’s a Master Coach in NLP (neurolinguistics programming), and also studied in the American Sports & Fitness Association where she got certified in “Sports and Nutrition.” 

Her credentials are truly unquestionable but what makes her stand out as a fitness authority is her ability to encourage others to change their lives.

Ingrid’s message has reached millions of people around the globe through social media; her YouTube channel has over 50 million views and more than 500.000 subscriptions. Her posts and articles reach over 100 million people weekly. On her Facebook fan page she has already 7 million followers looking for her guidance and advice to improve their lifestyle.

Her influence and deep connection with the Latin-American community has earned her the tittle of the most influential Hispanic woman regarding nutrition and health.

Ingrid wrote 3 best-seller books, and is going to release her new book in English next year.

She’s also been a recurrent guest in famous TV channels like Telemundo and CNN where she’s been called “the diet guru with a new method that’s revolutionizing the world of health.”

Her mission is to educate people by giving them the knowledge to start a healthy lifestyle, using her company Burn20 to spread her message and make a happier and better world.